DTCL Season 6: Top 1 Strongest Gold Champion at the start of the game

in DTCL Season 6, using generals to maintain early game blood and team composition is always a difficult problem for new players. The following article will summarize the powerful Gold Gen 1 at the start of the game, both a powerful skill and a “maintenance protection” for excellent generals.


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DTCL Season 6: Top 1 Strongest Gold Champion at the start of the game


At the top of this list is Ezreal. This common has good damage skills and is suitable for any type of attack tool. Ezreal can “keep inventory” for most major generals like Fiora, Xin, Yon… so you can rotate your cards well. Also, Ezreal’s recycling system helps these champion equipment outperform similar common tiers.



Camille is the gold champion with excellent defense. Camille’s ability creates a shield and provides healing. Camille deserves to have resistance gear like Warmog’s Blood Armor, Cape of Thorns… instead of other tank generals. Additionally, the bonus attack speed from the Challenger race also helps Camille deal decent early game damage.

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Twisted Fate is the mage champion with the best magic equipment in the early game. Especially the advantage that will be for the devil letter Morello team. At the same time, this general is also very suitable for gang groups, helping to punch so that champions of assassins like Shaco, Talon can quickly finish off the enemy’s main group.

Above are some of the best Gold 1 generals that players can use to keep blood early in the game, as well as tools for other networks later on.

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Update at 13:12 - 11/09/2022
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