Dinkum: How to have more stores

Because there are still shops dinkum? Actually this task is not very difficult. That’s it Easy guide to get more shops while playing Dinkum.

dinkum game

Exploring the island and chatting with the wild dogs is fun, but the other human interactions are also great. You have to work hard to build Dinkum town from scratch. The first step is not to build a house, but to build friendships. John is the first NPC you meet in the Dinkum game. Fletch will give you your first big project. He was determined to stay on the island forever.

After John, you want more. If you are looking for a partner, don’t forget useful stores. Guests are often found in guest tents near your dock. This shop is your ticket to a vibrant country. Rayne sells all garden supplies and Theodore is the animal crossing bladder for your dinkum. You need to take some steps to expand the city and acquire all available shops. Here’s how.

How many dinkum shops

  • Make John a permanent resident
  • the fee
  • Recruitment of visitors

Make John a permanent resident

Dinkum John

You must complete the transfer to John. To do this, use a lot of dink in his shop and help him complete the quest. Dink has no fixed payment amount, so buy what you want. Dinkum also has good storage so you don’t have to worry.

To complete side missions for NPCs, you need to chat with them, text a little. Then you can ask them what they need. This action will log the side quest in your travel log so you don’t forget about it All side missions must be completed within the day or they will be cancelled. If you build NPS affection and you don’t complete side quests for them, their affection level will decrease.

the fee

Pay off dinkum debt

If John agrees to move, you can put his shop anywhere. However, this is not the end of your mission. By the time John’s Goods became a physical store, the debt had piled up again. As with Animal Crossing, John’s transfer debt must be paid off before you can even consider inviting another NPC. That way, you won’t have any extra money until you pay off your loan.

Takes a lot of dink. So, try to do whatever you can to increase your dinkum income, from catching insects to fishing, then sell whatever you can. John, helping with Fletch research is also a good way. They will give you dink or expensive items for sale like furniture, clothes…

Some rare items worth more than 15,000 Dinks include opal gems, honeycombs. Opals are found in Thunder Eggs, while Bee Hives sometimes fall randomly from broken trees. They can be weighed in John’s shop to calculate the price.

Recruitment of visitors

Recruitment of tourists in Dinkum

After paying off your debt, you can hire more villagers. Expect guests in their tent. Recruiting NPCs isn’t easy the day you meet them because you have to build a relationship and often buy things from their shops. Whenever someone visits, help them complete their quests and buy whatever you can to increase your chances of becoming a dinkum. When they are ready, they will let you know via chat.

Here’s how to find more dinkum game stores. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 13:42 - 10/09/2022
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