Diablo Immortal: The best legendary weapon for the Crusader class

Diablo Immortal Crusader Equipped with excellent weapons and shields. That’s it Diablo is the best legendary weapon for Immortal Crusaders.

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    Zainula’s ultimate anthem – PvP – is off-hand

    Zainula's ultimate anthem - PvP - is off-hand

    • Consecration Reduces enemy movement speed by 30%.

    If you suddenly slow down a large area, many people will secretly blame PvP traitors. However, in reality, the Crusader can slow down the opponent with Jinular’s ultimate chant. Note, this does not replace the Consecration damage factor, it just adds to it.

    Most Diablo Immortal classes can’t use zone abilities in PvP because enemies can escape outside of that zone, but Crusader makes escaping enemies impossible with ample push, drag, and drop options. Capturing all the enemies inside was no big deal for the Crusaders.

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    Bonebearer – PvE – Off-hand

    Bonebearer - PvE - Off-hand

    • Shield Glare now requires mana to project a continuous beam of light that damages enemies in one direction, but no longer blinds them.

    During the upgrade Crusaders will become familiar with the auto-navigate method to approach certain powerful mobs, attack them, and then auto-attack until the cooldown returns. You can make better use of this time to introduce yourself.

    With Bonebearer, doing damage to a group is good. The damage no longer causes blindness, but this is not a problem in PvE, where enemies are immune to such buffs.

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    Constant Check – PvP – Off-hand

    Constant Check - PvP - Off-hand

    • Shield Glare now blinds and damages all enemies around you.

    Mastering every aspect of a character’s role is essential when playing Diablo Immortals and Crusaders. Time management and using every skill in Diablo Mobile is difficult, making it impossible to wait for a skill like Shield Glare in the middle of a PvP match.

    Constant Check turns this vector into a click action, hitting everything around the character, not just in front. Crusaders aren’t the easiest class in Diablo Immortal to play, but combined with this legendary shield makes it more flexible.

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    Pavisa on Dicey Wings – PvE – Off-Hand

    Pavisa on Dicey Wings - PvE - Off-Hand

    • The spinning shield now forms a tornado around you and won’t come back

    Players who remember the Paladins of Diablo 2 will surely love the Ten Wings Pavis of Diablo Immortality. Craft the Hammerdine, which nearly breaks the game, throwing the hammer around and becoming the ultimate tool for the Diablo class. Swap the hammer for a shield and you’ll find it pretty cool in Diablo Mobile.

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    Trials from Above – PvP – Main Player

    Trials from Above - PvP - Main Player

    Falling Sword now locks enemies in place and pulls them towards you when reactivated.

    At the highest level, the Crusader’s Falling Sword becomes the primary means of rapid teleportation. You have many other ways to move like draw and quarter, but it can’t beat the move above. Falling Sword not only affects movement, it can disable enemies in two ways:

    • Hits the opponent in place of the pin.
    • Activating this move a second time will pull the enemy towards the Crusader.

    Both can kill a well equipped player if the whole team is around.

  • above Diablo is the best legendary weapon for Immortal Crusaders. I hope this article helps you Control the character Diablo Immortal It’s good.

Update at 19:32 - 10/09/2022
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