Diablo Immortal: Main side quest or hidden in-game

immortal devil There are many interesting side missions. That’s it The best side quest in Diablo Immortal.

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    eat knowledge

    eat knowledge

    Start this Diablo Immortal side mission by talking to Stelliform Bilge near some bookshelves in Zoltun Kull’s library.

    What makes this mission interesting? In the beginning, it ends very quickly as the events fall into place. When you’re done, you usually make a lot of money.

    Knowledge Eater asks you to check your library and kill bugs The player moves to the front of the library and activates the archive’s defenses After that, you will have to participate in 2 battles, including one with a golem. Finally, the player needs to chat with the stelliform sentry to complete the quest and get the reward.

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    The carnivore’s dilemma

    The carnivore's dilemma

    Start Diablo Immortal Carnivore’s dilemma by talking to the guard at the southwest door of the Sentinel Watch transit point on Mount Javaine. Guard Terrell will ask the player about the location of his colleague Wriston. The objective of this quest is to find Sentinel Watch – West by following the yellow circle shown on the minimap.

    Wriston says he needs more food than he can supply, and tells the player to get some Varanid legs. He got it and lit the fire for cooking in the pot. Unfortunately, a large Gorjao Varanid appears and devours Wriston. The player must kill Goreja and return Wriston’s Medal to Terrell for the reward.

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    I took it in the evening

    I took it in the evening

    This is an old Diablo Immortal side quest that begins by chatting with a man named Marven in Bilfen, northwest of Crimsonblade Haven. Marvin tells the player to stay away from the auction held nearby. Here, an exotic necklace is sold.

    When the Diablo Immortal players arrive at the auction, the process is interrupted by an attack that must be faced. During the dispute, a group of people stole the necklace and took it to a secret place. The player has to go there to destroy the necklace.

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    break the curse

    break the curse

    This Diablo Immortal side quest can be found on any map. The player must open a treasure to start this quest. Then the spirits will attack the player. Defeating him will break the curse on the chest and allow the player to retrieve what is inside.

    Try to defeat the spirits as quickly as possible, because if you meet the time requirements, you will get up to 2 boxes.

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    This is an interesting hidden side quest in Diablo Immortal. No warning about ambush activation. It happens everywhere in the game. This mission begins when a group of enemies suddenly appear around the player and immediately attack him.

    The player’s position on the map determines the enemies encountered. Ambush groups consist of elite fighters. The goal is to destroy all the enemies in ambush. The quest list on the left side of the screen will tell the player which enemies need to be killed to complete this side quest.

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