Diablo Immortal: How to Rank Up in Battle

If you want to get higher rank Play Diablo Immortal? Then see how to grow Diablo Immortal game battle rank Down below.

Diablo Immortal Battle ranks up

in immortal devil, player strength is determined by many factors. Winning levels give players access to new features and higher level variations. Once the level cap is reached, the player can conquer Paragon levels to gain other stats and gain special effects during battle.

Even getting new rare and high-level gear pieces can give players a huge boost in power. However, the most important factor related to Diablo Immortal’s overall strength is Combat Rating. The value of this number alone controls the percentage of damage that players can do to enemies and foes. Knowing how to increase combat rating is essential for long-term development.

How to rank up in Diablo Immortals Battle


Diablo Immortal Heliquary

Leveling up the Helicarry is a great, but often overlooked way to increase Diablo Immortal’s combat rating. Players can always get into raids easily because they are so popular. Joining the right team is important here as you need good coordination between your teammates to defeat the raid boss.

Multiplayer can be used to join random allies or friends through dungeons, Elder Rifts or even Challenge Rifts. However, this is a completely different level of difficulty and won’t be easy to win if you’re alone.

You don’t have to participate in regular Heliquary raids as they have weekly rewards. Winning these raids for a week is enough, but there is no harm in playing regular raids to help others or improve your combat skills.

The reward after each attack is definitely worth your effort because that’s where the players get the slag.

Give it any iron slag to help it upgrade and use it to master the Helicarry. It also provides additional storage spaces, especially in Challenge Rifts.


Diablo Immortal Tools

The default tool is the most common way to increase battle ratings. However, it is important to know what tools to equip for character development.

Most players equip items with green arrows above, but getting items with high vitality or strength stats (when playing physical classes) or intelligence (when playing magic classes) is completely ineffective. .

The second thing players need to consider is gear scores. In the end, hardly. The higher the rarity, the higher the stat affix. A small change in these stats is enough to improve your combat rating in Diablo Immortal.

precious stones

Diablo Immortal Gems

In Diablo Immortals, gems can help make a big difference in battle rankings. Legendary gems give players special effects and abilities. Each gem level has a different number of stars. Also, legendary gems are important for battle rating due to their resonance status. Increasing all stats by percentage is very valuable because the higher they are, the stronger the player. For example, 5% of 100 is only 5, but 5% of 1,000,000 is 50,000.

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Update at 16:34 - 10/09/2022
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