CSGO: Update details on August 30, 2022

CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) Released an update on August 30, 2022 to fix the system and fix bugs in the game. We will find more details about this new update in the article below.

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  • CSGO: Update details on August 30, 2022
    • Music kit update
    • Update method
    • Update the map
  • CSGO: Update details on August 16, 2022
    • 10 years of CS:GO
    • Other updates
    • Map update
  • CSGO: Update Details August 1, 2022
    • Update method
    • Map update
  • CSGO: Update details on July 12, 2022
    • the way
    • Map
  • CSGO: July 1, 2022 Update Details
    • Recycle box
    • Update the map
  • CSGO: Update details on June 23, 2022
    • Map update
    • Game update
  • CSGO: Update details on June 2, 2022
    • Map update
    • Update method

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CSGO: Update details on August 30, 2022

Music kit update

Initiator Music Kit Box and Stattrack Initiator Music Kit adds to Initiator, including 6 new music sets:

  • 3 ClicksPhilip, Source Directions
  • Humanity’s last breath, emptiness
  • Jewelz, the shooter
  • Knock 2, Dashstar
  • Mitchie Darko, Gothic Luxury
  • Sullivan King, Lock Me Up

Update method

  • Added a message to the main menu for players whose roster is full.
  • Gives “10 Year Anniversary” items to players whose inventory is running at full capacity and does not fall during the anniversary week.
  • Users without primary account status can only invite Steam friends to the party lobby.
  • Users without primary account status will see a limited profile view when checking non-friend accounts.
  • Blocked player avatars will now display one of the default custom avatars instead of any avatar
  • Fixed overlay not matching Steam controller during startup.

Update the map

I screamed

  • Fix bot navigation errors
  • Add the name of the place in the top left corner –
  • Lots of typos
  • Slightly advanced optimization
  • Delete map from 0 coordinates
  • Great models of fences, canopies, steps
  • Many thumbnails have been improved
  • Advanced map cuts

Primetime -> Cascade

  • Renamed to Cascade from Primetime.
  • Updated the cave collision model.
  • Advanced cutting
  • Details are minimized to increase performance and limit visual errors
  • All particles, fragments and light are removed
  • The lighting was changed


  • Fixed various bomb jams and clipping issues.
  • hide screen
  • Added Missing Cut to T Light Look
  • Various minor image fixes

CS:GO update ends on August 30, 2022!

CSGO: Update details on August 16, 2022

10 years of CS:GO

Celebrating CS:GO’s 10th Anniversary:

  • 10 Year Anniversary Sticker Pack
  • Game Screen (see below)
  • 10 year medal
  • Earn the Birthday Medal by earning enough XP for the first game drop of the week.

Other updates

  • Added “Item Check” to see what’s at checkout.

Map update

  • Anubis, Breach and Tuscan have been added to the official ranked, fast and deadly matchmaking system.
  • Primetime and Blagai have been added to Wingman mode on official servers.
  • Climb, Crit, Hive and Iris have been removed from the official matchmaking system.

The update ends on August 16, 2022!

CSGO: Update Details August 1, 2022

Update method

  • Many modifications to the ranking matching algorithm require skill groups to be reordered for accuracy. Your skill pool will not appear until you win your next match.
  • The game trainer should now correctly reload the save state when it is closed and restarted.
  • Disabled game trainer floating hint in ranked matches.

Map update

respiratory system

  • Changed Cannon: Changed the angle of the north cannon – the cannon can now aim up 2x faster.
  • Now has 3 fire rates (mouse changed to 2) – Inaccuracy multiplier reduced – Killfeed now shows weapon icon.
  • Create a stronger screen shake and more particle effects
  • The base model also now rotates – calculating the increased damage power of artillery after the first collision.
  • Fixed and fixed a potential crash from cannons – fixed cannons spinning when not in use
  • Board the bus at the bus stop outside the Industrial Park

CS:GO update ends on August 1, 2022!

CSGO: Update details on July 12, 2022

the way

  • Fixed regression in kill panel to show players weapons.
  • Fixed a rare crash during map veto in Premier Matchmaking when a player disconnects.
  • “R8 Revolver New Version Update | Crazy Arms by 8”.


respiratory system

  • Build old working cannons
  • Jetty is within easy reach
  • Start rebuilding the house near the industry
  • Drops can now appear in the dock building
  • Rifles can no longer spawn in the rock tunnel near the observatory
  • Additional weapons can be found in ports, hospitals and industries
  • Removes area name when pinged
  • Extended discounts for tourists
  • A few more minor changes


  • The handrails have been modified for head restraints
  • The bomb went off at the sound of the train whistle
  • Brighten the center statue area a bit

CS:GO update ends on 07/12/2022!

CSGO: July 1, 2022 Update Details

Recycle box

  • Introducing the Recoil Crate, which includes 17 community weapon designs.

Map update

respiratory system

  • Improve site development.
  • Add a gravel path near the observatory.
  • Stone tunnels were added near the observatory.
  • Add some rocks to the water line near the helipad.
  • Fix other minor bugs.

Last updated 07/01/2022 CS:GO!

CSGO: Update details on June 23, 2022

Map update

the old

  • Download the wooden crate block outside the cave area
  • Fix the pixel distance of the path between the terrorists from inside the cave area
  • Fixed an issue where players were off the field due to mid-lane ground clipping.
  • The land is smooth on the B slope except for cave areas
  • Excavated archaeological remains remain in the cave area
  • Smoothing the corners of the donut house
  • A few more shelters near the B pillar
  • Block one exit on a side street in area A, widen the other exit
  • Fixed some display bugs when viewed from the center path of the Donut Room
  • Reduced damage when shooting through scaffolding in the BU area
  • Increase the intensity of the candle/torch light

the hell

  • Bomb blast damage increased from 500 to 620


  • Another attempt to fix the bug where the fuel pump crossed the middle lane floor
  • Move to a position next to the slope


  • Fixed a bug that was accidentally abused


  • Good performance and durability
  • Ivy will be clothed in the wind
  • Important vphysics bug fixed

Game update

  • The number of bullets in the M4A1-S magazine was reduced to 20 rounds with 80 additional rounds.

CS:GO update ends on June 23, 2022!

CSGO: Update details on June 2, 2022

Map update


  • Graffiti was added to site B to celebrate the following winning clutch. Graffiti “Karambit from Heaven” designed by Danky_xD.
  • Fixed points where molotovs will damage players through walls
  • Fixed floating models, some unused collisions and missing textures
  • Get a model that can be confusing.
  • Repair pilling doors after damage

Update method

  • Added gyroscope activation mode: (always on (default) | only when using the range button | and when the target stick is neutral).
  • Added “Suppress Gyro” and “Toggle Gyro” actions to SteamInput. It can be stacked with any button in your controller configuration. “Suppress Gyro” default right stick click, stacked with “Reset to Horizon”.
  • Added FlickStick option: Change stick orientation regularly while in range.
  • Added “Walking Zone” to Movement Stick. When the movement stick is feathered, it forces the player to be in walking mode (eg + speed). The pool is a great option no reason to go all the way. Set to 0 to disable/keep pure analog speed.
  • Changed the default controller layout.
  • Now use the gyro and quickly put it in the radial menu. All Rapid Radials on the Accord default to right stick.
  • Added official Steam controller configuration.
  • Other fixes around controls and actions.

CS:GO update ends on June 2, 2022!

Update at 9:58 - 10/09/2022
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