Compatibility Details for Lien Quan Mobile: Primitive Forest 3rd Update

Price arena – Updated Primary forest Official release with many changes in Champion, Equipment,…Forest Update Primordial Lien, visit to know important changes. This is Mobile Army.


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  • Compatibility Details for Lien Quan Mobile: Primitive Forest 3rd Update
    • Consistency promotes strength
    • has been corrected
  • Lien Quan Mobile: Primeval Forest Update Generals’ strength has been adjusted
    • Consistency promotes strength
    • Battlefield editing
    • has been corrected
  • Lien Quan Mobile: Primitive Forest Update Details
    • Champion update
    • game mode

Compatibility Details for Lien Quan Mobile: Primitive Forest 3rd Update

Consistency promotes strength

the father

Deep forest protection:

  • Aya flies up and becomes a virtual armor shield that protects the target ally and helps to add 680 ~ 1280 + 0.8 Magic (+ 8% additional health) (Pre-Modified: 425 ~ 800 + 0.55 Magic Attack (+ health) 6 % ) damage for 3 seconds.
  • Directly increases allies’ Virtual Armor by 510 ~ 960 + 0.6 Magic Damage (+ 6% Extra Health) for 5 seconds (Pre-Modified Stats: 212.5 ~ 400 + 0.27 Magic Damage (+3% Extra Health) for 6 seconds)
  • If the target is a Dada, Assassin, or Gunslinger, Nanny will help these teammates gain 50% Virtual Armor instead of 100% Virtual Armor as before.

Deep Forest Music:

  • Magic array will be fixed, untracked if moved. The radius of the magic array is 7.25 m.
  • If the enemy remains in formation for more than 2 seconds, all allies in range gain 30% movement speed.


Immortal Warrior:

  • Changed the way skills are used when casting, drag the left joystick to move, otherwise the champion remains stationary.
  • acceleration Initial 40%, increased to 70% in 3 seconds (Pre-corrected condition: 5.5m/s to 7m/s within 2 seconds) and lasts until the end; Skill 3 Movement speed is affected by other acceleration and deceleration effects.

has been corrected

  • Fixed a common bug: when buying equipment, it shows gold color.
  • Fixed champion pain and zip: A bug that caused invisibility when the zip pain was bound.
  • Zenitsu and Inosuke shadow effects have been optimized to match night map lighting

Tune in for the 3rd Primeval Forest Update!

Lien Quan Mobile: Primeval Forest Update Generals’ strength has been adjusted

Consistency promotes strength


  • Jury: Nakroth rushes to slam the target for 250+20/lv+(0.85 AD bonus) physical damage. This skill can be knocked out within 0.5 seconds after use
  • Sword kill: Damage: 220+50/lv+ (1.0 bonus AD)


  • Giant Sword: Damage: 650+200/lv+290% ATK physical damage
  • soul capture: Maloch unleashes a skill that deals 45+5/lv+30% physical damage ATK and slow. In addition, the shield is strengthened according to the amount of soul required, which helps block 250 + 75 / lv + 180% of physical attacks.
  • Cleaning: Damage: 450+225/lv+130% ATK of attack damage. Extended distance: 50 m. Damage: 600+250/lv+280% ATK attack damage.

Battlefield editing


  • Caesar Pioneer: Base health changed from 4500 to 5500.
  • Summon Dark Caesar: Turret damage changed from 0.25 ATK True ATK to 1.0 ATK True ATK.
  • Summon Tyrant Caesar: Base Health 25000 changed to 20000, Armor 600 changed to 400.

has been corrected

  • Fixed an issue where if Yena was present, Rourke would randomly generate the effect of Yena’s 2nd skill.

  • Fixed an issue where the base attack model would not work when using the Bright Toshiro skin if resources were not loaded.

  • Fixed map short ping not respawning.

  • Fixed an issue where the min-max signal had an abnormal frequency.

  • Fixed Baldum’s 3rd skill not being canceled by modifiers

  • Fixed bug where passive ping and kill signal could not be unlocked.

  • Fixed an issue where players would not normally be scheduled to freeze on the field.

  • Fix last arena bug.

  • Fixed the issue where the music program button was limited to 2 character positions and the chest position

  • Fixed an issue where unclaimed SSM gifts would automatically enter inventory

  • Fixed skin bug of Butterfly Kim Ngoo Goddess with incorrect sound

Mobile Alliance Forest Nguyen Lion Champion Edition Update Complete!

Lien Quan Mobile: Primitive Forest Update Details

Champion update

New heroine: Helen

  • High Bar: Increases passive movement speed by 70%. Heals 60 (per level + 5) (+ 15% AP) health every 0.5 seconds. Removal reduces the attacker’s movement speed by 25%.
  • Holy Light: Heals for 100 + 35 / LV (+ 25% ability power) health every 0.5s. Dispel deals damage and slows enemies.
  • Life Barrier: Restores 200 + 50 Health / LV (+ 35% Ability Power) every second.


  • Dark Secret Art: Lightning Damage: 155+30/lv+0.35 attack damage. Healing: 50+12/lv+01 magic health. Lightning rate: 0.75. Removal: Takes half damage when throwing orbs from the body and when Lorion throws lightning bolts. take medicine

  • Static Electricity: When he releases the ball from his body, Lorion’s flight becomes uncontrollable. 2 hour charge ability is now affected by cooldown.


  • Aftermath Blade: Cooldown: Heals for 6 seconds.
  • Shadow Claw: Damage: 250+75/lv+75% ATK, 10% reduction each time enemy hits. Up to 20% off.

the cafe

  • Momentum Phase: Cooldown: 10 – 0.4/lv sec. Take the slow process.


  • Book of Relics: Powerful attacks deal magic damage equal to 5% of your maximum health and are slowed by 50% for 1 second.
  • Guardian God: Geniel can use his own shields to deal magical damage and passively modify his empowered attacks. Take 50% damage when shield breaks. Cooldown: 11-0.6/lv sec.

  • Rescue Mission: When Janevel is used, it will grant a shield to the chosen ally and when the shield is destroyed, it will deal damage to nearby enemies. Xeniel landed at the selected destination. Janeel lands on the ground, restoring 10% of her maximum health to herself and nearby allies. Clearing the ground deals damage to enemies and speeds up allies. New addition: If an ally dies while casting, the broadcast will be cancelled. Also, it will be used before S1 to create a shield for himself before welding.


  • Protected: Removes and increases armor by 18%. Attacking an enemy increases damage by 5% for 3 seconds.

  • Basic Attack: Range: 2.5 m
  • Totem Flap Socks: Clear: Slows target on hit. Price: 40+8/lv

  • Seismic: Moved: Deals double damage to monsters hit. Each hit grants 6% more immunity, which stacks up to 4 times (immunity increase: 6% + 0.5%/lv). Hitting the target slows them by 30% for 2s. Mana Cost: 40 mana. Baldum completes the new bar. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Removed: When creating a magical formation that slows enemies by hitting them, the moving formation still has the effect of slowing enemies. Magic slowly left the training. Freezes enemy cooldowns while locked in combat.

game mode

  • Learn dark attack game mode
  • “ULTI Arena” play mode.

Mobile Union’s first jungle update out!

Update at 4:37 - 10/09/2022
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