Chapter 2’s cutscene location during puppy play

Puppy Playtime Chapter 2 is the second part of the Puppy Playtime Horror series about a haunted toy factory. Are you playing Puppy Playtime Chapter 2 and you don’t know where to find cutouts? This tutorial will show you all the cutscenes and their locations in Puppy Playtime Chapter 2.

How to find scraps in Puppy Playtime Chapter 2

Cut 1 – Huggy Wuggy

You’ll find the first cutout container at the beginning of Chapter 2. After going through the ruined corridor, you will see a door blocked by boards. Right next to the cutting plate. Go ahead and press the button with one of your hands.

Go through the ruined corridor

The cut plate is next to the floor

Cut 2 – Mother with long legs

The second cutout occurs right after you enter the game station for the first time. Look to the left as you pass through the main hallway.

Enter Game Station for the first time

The cutout is to the left as you walk through the main hallway

Cut 3 – Kissy Missy

Don’t leave the game station, continue down the corridor until you reach the statue symbol. If you jump onto the platform behind it, there’s another cutout right next to the cart.

Don't leave the game station

There is another cutout right next to the car

Cut 4 – Bunzo Rabbit

When you complete the machine sequence and get a hand, use it to get power from the green table and open the red panel on the left to activate the door.

Jump to the first runner in muscle memory

The space is very dark when Poppy plays

A right turn entering the air will take you back to the first corridor of muscle memory but from one end of it. Before proceeding, you will find a cut-out Bunzo Bunny in your path.

Go to different places

You'll see Bunzo Bunny cutouts on your way

Cut 5 – Bron

After finishing the little muscle memory game, go to the pit and the warehouse. Once inside, approach the Bronn cutout in the middle hallway.

Enter the warehouse

You can see Bronn's cut in the middle hallway

Cut 6 – Daisy

In the same warehouse, go to the main platform with the lever under the “power” sign to find a daisy cutout.

Please move the lever to the main platform

Look for cut daisies

Cut 7 – Candy Cat

After finishing the minigame, you will see a broken staircase. Go as high as you can and then look up at the ceiling to swing onto a handle. Once there, you will see the Candy Cat cutout.

You go up the broken stairs

Candy cat cutout found

Cut 8 – PJ Pug-A-Pilar

When you go to the statue section, you’ll see PJ Pug-a-Pillar next to the puzzle.

You have reached the statue section

                                You will see PJ Pug-a-Pillar next to the puzzle

Cut 9 – Bees on cats

After completing the puzzle in the water treatment area, go down the hall to find the cat bee cutout.

Exit the hallway

Search for cat bee clippings

Cut 10 – Boogie Bot

Cutout year end after playing underwater treatment scan. Once done, go left (opposite the yellow door). There is a Boogie Bot cutout in the corner and on the side of the VHS tape.

In the underwater medical department

I went down a dark corridor

                                Go left (opposite the yellow door).

                                Boogie bots around and around VHS tapes

Congratulations on finding all the cuts in Puppy Playtime Chapter 2!

Update at 23:17 - 10/09/2022
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