Cats and Soup: How to get hats, clothes and accessories in Cats and Soup

Cat and soup It allows you to dress up cats beautifully like in fashion games. That’s it How to get hats, clothes and accessories in cats and soup games.

Cats and Soup has tons of adorable accessories waiting for your cat to wear
Cats and Soup has tons of adorable accessories waiting for your cat to wear

Cat and Soup or Cat and Soup is a relaxing and fun game with beautiful graphics created by Hidea. You will fall in love with the hand drawn graphics of this game. The art style and sound effects are very similar. If you like cats, cooking and beautiful drawings, don’t hesitate to try Gatti e Zuppa in your spare time.

Cats and Soup Every cat has its own characteristics, behaviors and preferences. Therefore, they act differently when interacting with certain environmental factors. The game features a day and night cycle and a flexible weather system. It makes everything seem more realistic in this living world.

Besides helping cats cook soup, you can also dress them up. You know how cats have accessories, clothes and hats and soup? Let’s find out with!

How to find clothing and accessories at Cats and Soup

the touch Hammer icon > Properties > Treasure Chest. Tap on the treasure chest, then click on the small chest icon below

You can get cat hats, clothes and accessories from treasure chests. However, these chests in the Cats and Soup game are not free. After watching an ad for 30 seconds, you open a chest. Tap the button Show ads See ads for cat games and soup.

Cats and soup games give you clothes and accessories with passive effects/buffs, making it easier to process, harvest and sell recipes. Passive effects include reducing the time it takes to chop vegetables, make soup, or increase food prices.

Treasure chest in the game Cat and Soup

Unlock the treasure in Cat and Soup game

Wait 60 seconds, then tap Show Ads button again to watch the video and get gift from Treasure You will see 3 ads in 60 seconds. After that, you have to wait 9 to 10 hours before seeing any cat and soup ads. Alternatively, you can immediately open a chest with blue gems, but it’s not free.

Another way to get clothes and accessories while playing Cat and Soup is to work hard logging into the game for 7 days. Tap the rocket icon at the top right of the screen to get login rewards.

In fact, every day you play Cat and Soup, you get a free bonus. Tap Get Free Gift to get daily rewards for next 7 days. Apart from clothes and accessories, you can also get gold hearts, gems and decorations.

Decorate your cat with clothes and accessories

Tap on the list of unlocked cats in the top left corner of the screen. Click on Hats, Clothes and Accessories next to the picture of the cat in the list. Select a utility item from this menu by tapping on it

Another way to decorate cats in Cats & Soup is to tap the yellow arrow pointing to the hammer icon at the bottom right of the screen. Next, tap on the cat photo.

You will see a list of unlocked cats. Tap the cat photo on the left to go to his room.

tab clothing At the bottom of the screen there are 3 empty positions to decorate the cat with hats, clothes and accessories. Tap on it and select the item you want to use for the cat. Items available for cats have a green bar.

Click on the picture of the cat

Click on the cat you want to equip with accessories

Choose a hat for the cat in the game Cats and Soup

Tap the item you want, then tap the law Do something. The passive effect applies immediately. Then you can decorate the cat to make it look more beautiful.

Note, clothes and accessories effects are available immediately afterwards even if you don’t equip the cat.

Above is how to dress up and decorate the cats in the Cats and Soup game. I hope the article will help you play cat and soup game more easily.

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Update at 12:18 - 18/08/2023
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