Cats and Soup: How to Activate Cat Powers

Every cat is inside Cat and soup Each has its own unique skills. That’s it How to activate cat power effect in cats and soup game.

Instructions for activating the cat’s skills in the cat and soup game

Discover the skills of the cat in his room. Go to the cat’s place, tap the yellow arrow on the hammer icon to open the menu. Next, tap on the white cat image.

Cat and soup game screen

You will see a list of unlocked cats. A small vegetable or fruit icon will appear next to the cat image. It will be gray. Tap the icon to see the cat’s skills.

The gray icon must match the function icon to activate the skill effect. So if a cat has a carrot icon next to it, its skill should be equivalent to cutting a carrot. You need to move the cat to that location to activate the desired ability.

In the screen below, the white cat “Turkish Angora” is an expert in cutting carrots, so his skill has a positive effect on this task by increasing his character’s speed. The carrot icon next to the cat’s picture in the list will be grayed out.

Cats and Soup Cats Unlocked List

On the skill information screen, you can see its effect. To activate this skill you need to bring the white cat to the place where the carrot is cut.

Information about cats and cats' skills in the soup game

the touch Determine location, then swap seats with another cat to lead the Turkish Angora to the carrot cutting site. Another cat is in charge of that area, so you have to change their position to put the cat in the right place and activate the skill.

Tap the green button next to the image in the desired area to swap positions. On the bottom screen, you can see, another cat is in charge of cutting the ingredients, with the carrot icon next to it. After moving the Turkish Angora cat here, you’ll notice that the carrot icon next to his avatar is no longer gray, indicating that the skill has been activated.

Exchange the cat's mission location with the cat and the soup

above How to activate cat abilities or change tasks in the cat and soup game. I hope this article helps you Cat and soup game simple

Update at 11:02 - 11/09/2022
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