Cat and Soup: Ad viewing feature in Cat and Soup game

Cat and soup A cute and interesting cat soup cooking game on mobile. Cat and soup It’s free to run and has ads, but if you check it out, you can get useful add-ons

Cats and Soup is a great mobile game for all ages
Cats and Soup is a great mobile game for all ages

Simple Click here to see the Cat and the Soup game ad

As annoying as they are, ads are actually very useful Cat and soup, can help you significantly update the kitchen. They offer great rewards and help you relax when you are in the game for a long time. Here are some great rewards for watching ads while playing Cat and soup game::

Increase the cooking speed

When you see commercials for cats and soup, the soup cooks quickly

Seeing the ad, the cat ran into the kitchen. Things get done faster and you sell faster. Even if it’s only temporary, this improvement will save you some time.

More rewards

Cats and soup in-game ads give you extra rewards

Each time you log in again Cat and soup, you will see that there is a large block of gold. A short notice will double the value of the gold block. Like the Boost Booster, this bonus will help you complete soup kitchen quests better.

Tsar priest

Game Cat and the Fairy in the Soup Jar

Tsar fairies sometimes bring you good luck. Just take a few seconds to watch the ad, you will get lots of gold and recipe points. The more you collect, the more you get. This is a truly “safe” way to get ingredients that should not be missed.

There are some benefits of watching the above ads Cat and soup game. You can skip them if you want. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time collecting resources, don’t be afraid to look at the ads!

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Update at 12:32 - 24/08/2023
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