BTS Island Game Tips: Must Know For SEOM Newbies

BTS Island: At SEOMORE Finally released for all BTS fans and arcade game fans to enjoy. Here they are Tips to start playing BTS Island: In SEOM You may find it useful.

BTS Island: SEOM is officially released

Basically, BTS Island: At SEOMORE There are two parts: one is puzzle solving, the other is storytelling. The story begins when 7 members of BTS get lost in an accident and land on a desert island without help. Members must find food and shelter to survive. The story will gradually unfold as the player solves puzzles. Don’t skip the match-3 puzzles as they give you stars, which can be used to unlock parts of the story.

BTS Island Interface: In SEOM

BTS Island Game Tips: In SEOM

  • Double the fun for your favorite members
  • Use your infinite heart wisely
  • Collect all 5 hearts
  • Join a group
  • add friend

Double the fun for your favorite members

When playing Narration in BTS Island: SEOM, you have many choices about what the character says. Instead of joining the conversation you have to choose the member you want to fill out with their happiness scale. The dialogue is the same no matter what you want.

Choose your favorite character

Use your infinite heart wisely

Once you collect unlimited heart perks, which can be used for 15 or 30 minutes, make sure not to reveal the story as it will waste precious time. During the timer you can solve puzzles and collect stars. Remember history awaits you, but not benefits or rewards.

Collect more hearts in BTS Island: SEOM

Collect all 5 hearts

You might be curious how the story will develop, but you will have to wait a bit. Instead of switching between puzzles and stories, try to complete as many puzzles as possible. If it gets “stuck” somewhere, the heart slows down. Each heart takes 30 minutes to regenerate. So try to get 5 hearts. While waiting for hearts to fill up, play story mode.

Collect all 5 hearts in BTS Island: SEOM

Join a group

This is a feature that is unlocked when you reach level 30. Joining a clan will earn you more hearts as you play. BTS Island: At SEOMORE from members. You can get up to 5 hearts every few hours and collect them from mailboxes as needed, remember that mailboxes can hold up to 20 items. So, make sure you don’t exceed this number.

Join the BTS Island: SEOM game group

add friend

More Friends in BTS Island: In SEOM, you can get more gifts. Everyone you follow or vice versa is a friend. You can give 1 free heart, 5 times every few hours. You can also give flowers to increase popularity.

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Update at 17:36 - 10/09/2022
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