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Valorant is a much-loved tactical shooter that lets you take part in the ultimate gun battle.. With different game modes: Ranked Duel, Normal Battle, Life and Death, Quick Spike… you can show your shooting skills.


Like Raid, Valorant also has its own shortcut system to help players control and manipulate the game more easily. For details, follow the article below:

The main keyboard shortcut for the game Valorant

Navigation shortcuts

  • w: Let’s go
  • to come: on the other side
  • A: Go left
  • It’s easy: Go right
  • Move to the left (Left Shift key): Slowly
  • towards (Space bar): Jump
  • left ctrl (Left Ctrl key): Sit, crouch

Battle Shortcut – Weapons

  • Left mouse: attack
  • That mouse: Attack (Secondary)
  • affordable: Loading
  • The numeric key is 1: Use a weapon 1
  • Numeric key 2: Use a weapon 2
  • Numeric Key 3: Uses melee weapons
  • Key Number 4: Use the spike weapon
  • Scroll up/down: Change weapons
  • the tree: Move your hand weapon (throw boom, throw bomb if you press 4 spike keys to activate it)
  • Y: Arms test
  • f: Use objects
  • Q: Use Skill 1 (Skill can be acquired at the start of battle)
  • E: Use Skill 2 (use skill automatically after every game)
  • the old man: Use skill 3 (can get skill at start of battle)
  • X: Use ultimate skill (ultimate, earned when you collect 7 points, kill 1 enemy or gain 1 battle point)
  • billion: Wall painting according to logo selected in personal settings.

Contact Shortcuts

  • A: Voice chat (disable if not needed in settings by pressing Esc)
  • drawing: Voice communication in groups
  • Z: Ping only map mark, fast communication like: here, need support, …
  • Please register. (point): Radio menus such as: need support, need help, go from here to there, … absolutely necessary when communicating in different languages.

More shortcuts

  • woman: War Report
  • F1: Notes on Special Skills
  • to accept: Open the armory
  • America: view map (ping map with mouse)
  • Caps Lock: Hold to view map
  • tab: View the scoreboard
  • drawing: change camera
  • From 0 to 9: Watch other players compete when you die.
  • Alt left (Alt Left Key): Hold to show team weapon
Update at 5:36 - 10/09/2022
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