BombCrypto: How To Collect Bomber Heroes

Bomber Hero by BombCrypto has a very important role. That’s it How to collect Bomber Hero in Bomber Crypto Game.

Bomber Hero by BombCrypto
Bomber Hero by BombCrypto

The crypto bomb to be NFT game The blockchain platform is the bomb. Players can collect, fight monsters and trade for real money.

BombCrypto game The “play-to-earn” genre, where the player controls a team of bomb-throwing heroes, is called Bomber Hero. All BCOINs are programmed to find and fight monsters. Each bomb hero has different stats. If you’re lucky, you can find Bomber Heroes with good stats to trade or upgrade. From there the hero’s effectiveness and fighting abilities are greatly improved.

Bomber Heroes in BombCrypto game
Bomber Heroes in BombCrypto game

everyone Bomber Hero by BombCrypto An NFT, which improves ownership and trading capabilities. That’s it 3 ways to collect Bomber Heroes while playing Bomb Crypto.

How to get Bomber Hero on BombCrypto

Heroes Rescue

Players can acquire new heroes through rescue missions. On some maps, if you’re lucky, you’ll see a hero dungeon block with a bomb inside. This block is amazing.

Rescue the hero inside, and the player will see that the hero is injured. You need to heal the character before sending him into battle.

Bomber Hero Lock Block

BombCrypto Heroes Gone

Note that gel blocks only appear in Treasure Hunt mode. Jail lock rates are time limited.

Buy a hero

Buy Hero at BombCrypto

BombCrypto players can buy Heroes in shops and markets. The game does not limit the number of heroes sold. So, you can choose x1, x5, x10 packs and buy Bomber Hero at the same time as you wish.


Hero Auction is a great way to get more BombCrypto

BombCrypto has a P2P marketplace, which allows players to buy and sell NFT items, including Bomber Hero. It helps you earn money and simultaneously increase your wealth and liquidity in the game. BCOIN is the only establishment in this market.

above How to collect BombCrypto Heroes. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 9:36 - 11/09/2022
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