Bombcrypto game mod

Bombcrypto There are many different game modes. Let’s learn to play Game mode in Bomb Crypto Please!

NFT BombCrypto game mode

  • Treasure Hunt Mode – Treasure Hunt Mode
  • Story Mode – Story Mode
  • Battle Mode – Battle Mode

Treasure Hunt Mode – Treasure Hunt Mode

Treasure Hunt Mode in Bombcrypto

In Treasure Hunt mode, players can take Bomber Hero to the gold mining area, then let the bombs destroy the blocks. Inside the block may be the BCOIN you are looking for. Its hero Bombcrypto It can work automatically without constant player intervention. This will save your time and spend on other tasks.

The Bombcrypto hero also consumes mana every time he bombs. When the energy runs out, the character enters a rest state to recover. If you buy a house, you will increase the loading speed of the character.

Story Mode – Story Mode

Bombcrypto story mode

Players choose a bomb hero to participate in each level of BombCrypto’s story mode with the goal of destroying all monsters to clear the board. Breaking blocks, killing monsters also gives players a chance to earn BCOIN.

Of course, the character spends energy at each level. So if this stat is not enough, you cannot choose that hero. Also, if you get hit by a monster, you lose value. If the health bar is 0, you will be damaged.

Battle in story mode Bombcrypto Both have some scary potential monsters, but in return, they give you a lot of attractive NFT rewards. So, don’t be afraid to experience this Bombcrypto mod!

Battle Mode – Battle Mode

Bombcrypto battle mode

In Battle Mode, players engage in bomb battles to compete with other players. However, if you want to enter Bombcrypto’s Battle Mode, you will need not only a certain type of power, but also a certain amount of tokens as an entry fee. This token will then be used as a reward. The eventual winner will receive the most of the lost tokens.

Here’s what you need to know Bombcrypto game mod. I hope the article will help you get an easy way to play Bomb Crypto Game.

Update at 9:20 - 11/09/2022
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