BombCrypto: Everything You Need to Know

BombCrypto For those who want to play for money. Here’s what you need to know BombCrypto game.

BombCrypto game

BombCrypto – Pixel NFT Game

Plow – play – earn money

“Play to Win”

Guide your heroes to plant bombs, explore the world together, defeat monsters and bosses, and earn tokens to free your kingdom from sieges, captures, and monster attacks.

BombCrypto is a money making game

BCOIN token

BCOIN tokens are the main currency of the game. It is used to buy bomber heroes, upgrade characters, especially in the first stage.

Official BCOIN contract address:

BCOIN Exchange Address:

BCOIN exchange address

Rating page:

Rating page


BCOIN chart display page

  • BCOIN was listed on PancakeSwap on 9/22.
  • The first version of the BombCrypto web platform, was released on September 30, 2021.

BCOIN smart contract is verified by VeriChains Lab.

NFT information

BombCrypto game NFT info

Key Features of BombCrypto


The player selects a bomber hero to participate in each level. In each level, the player must destroy all the monsters to pass the board. There is also a chance to get BCOIN from them by destroying blocks and killing monsters.

Adventure game by BombCrypto

Field fight

The player chooses a hero to participate in a bomb fight with the opponent. Players must pay a certain amount of tokens to participate in battle mode. The eventual winner will receive all the tokens of the losers. Bomber Hero also consumes energy while engaging in Battle Mode.

Field fight

Hero management

Players can acquire new heroes through rescue missions. On some maps, you’ll rarely see a dungeon block with a Hero Bomber. After completing the rescue mission, you will find an injured hero, who needs to be treated for a while before he can move properly.

Bomber Hero Management

Article NFT

Earn NFT items with it How to play BombCrypto And earn money by selling in the market.

NFT BombCrypto game item

Create a house for BombCrypto game characters

Create a house for your character

Create a home for Bomber Hero by setting up hunting and room decorations. Room where they rest and recharge.

Ways to improve BombCrypto

  • Q3/2021: Buying Hero; Hero stats and upgrades; Rescue Heroes; buy a house; Treasure Hunt Mode.
  • Q4/2021: More markets; The story; New skins.
  • Q1/2022: Home Decor; VIP and shares; New dimension in story mode.
  • Q2/2022: Added a new battle mode; chart
  • Q3/2022: Mission; success
  • Q4/2022: New NFT component added; new dimensions; New PvP map.

Here’s what you need to know Game BombCrypto NFT. You can refer how to play BombCrypto on

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