Blockman Go: Tips to Improve PvP Skills

How to play Blockman Go What about PvP matches? Let’s find out with How to Become a Pro at Blockman Go In PvP mode Please!

How to Play PvP in Blockman Go

If you are looking for a different fun mobile game, then Blockman Go It’s your choice. Blockman Go includes many interesting mini-games with strategic gameplay full of interesting surprises.

You can not only play Blockman Go alone, but join friends to battle in many other modes, such as Bed War, Egg War, Realm City to Lucky Block and more. In particular, the game allows you to customize the character to your liking.

PvP in Blockman Go A real challenge for new players. If you’re wondering how to become a good PvP player in Blockman Go, don’t hesitate to refer to the tips below!

Tips to help improve your PvP skills in Blockman Go

In Blockman Go, not all mini games require PvP skills. This is only necessary if you want to play bed war, egg war, sky royale.

First, be sure to play PvP to improve your movement and aim. If you try to master the skill of aiming, you will easily defeat your opponent. You can practice with diamond armor to fight longer. This will greatly improve your mobility. Try to aim at the enemy’s back as this is his weakest point. Another benefit of engaging in longer fights is that your reflexes will gradually improve, so you can take out three to four enemies at a time!

Blockman Go mini game

If you keep practicing in 1vs1 phase, you will see significant improvement in PvP skills. We will continue like this until the movement of Blockman Go is well managed. Once you master the action, you can progress using leverage for longer fights. The goal is to acclimate your fingers to all encounters for a long time so that you can play without pain and at the same time move quickly and smoothly.

Tips for playing Blockman Go: Bed Wars

Bed Wars is one of the most loved mini games in Blockman Go. In this game, you and your teammates must protect the base of the bed and use all resources to destroy the other team’s bed. You should make full use of your PvP skills here, including Parkour. You must be master of skill and speed while fighting 1 on 1 with enemy. There are many strategies that must be used, such as ambush, running, fighting, strengthening, runes, adding special skills, planning…

A sudden attack on the enemy

A good way to destroy an ambushed enemy. Basically, you and your teammates hide and wait for an opportunity to kill the opponent. Most players ambush the end of the emerald mine to build a bridge and attack weaker enemies. However, this strategy will anger the enemies and they will chase you for revenge.

Follow your path to win

You should use this strategy when you have basic equipment and challenge other team. The important thing here is to build bridges faster than the enemy to build strong defenses. You should wait for the diamond equipment because this equipment has high protection at the end of the game, which makes it easier for you to destroy the enemy’s base.


Also, parkour is an easy skill that you can master. The first is the Stair Bridge. If you’re just starting out, change the sensitivity to zero first to kill the scene. If the jump is high, the cursor will rotate as you bridge. So walk and don’t run so you don’t fall. You need to jump and quickly place 1 block in front of you. The advantage of the ladder bridge is that it opens the way for teammates. If he is hit by an enemy, he will only fall a step or two without being hit.

A PvP battle in Blockman Go

The second type is reverse stair bridging. You don’t need to change the settings, but you do need to change to walking instead of running. To go up the stairs, move the controls back, then jump to place the blocks higher than the last ones You can use this reverse deck when being chased by enemies as it allows you to observe enemies blocking your path.

Side bridging is another type of parkour. Although it shouldn’t be used much, this ability may come in handy in the future. Neo Jump is a type of parkour that allows you to jump in the opposite direction without falling. You need to reduce the sensitivity so that the viewing angle does not rotate too much.

Use smart spelling

Go to diamond island so you can get more gems. They will help you buy useful spells including Sharpness, Dexterity, Healing Fountain, Protection and Iron Forge.

  • Protection is used to increase resistance to damage.
  • Sharpness increases damage to enemies.
  • Breaking the skill block increases the power of the tool.
  • Iron nets increase the island’s wealth.
  • Healing fountains help revive your island.

Here are the tips Improve PvP skills while playing Blockman Go. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 19:54 - 10/09/2022
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