Blackface in Minecraft: Best Uses

Obsidian – Blackface Stone is one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft. Here they are How to use Obsidian in Minecraft.

Obsidian block in minecraft

Minecraft Blackface One of the hardest blocks that players can create in Minecraft Survival. This can also happen if lava reaches water. Players need tools like Diamonds/Netharite to mine this block. Obsidian block breaking time is also the longest in Minecraft.

In this article, we list them The best way to use obsidian is obsidian It’s OK in Minecraft!

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    Explosion proof construction works

    Explosion proof construction works

    With a blast resistance of 1200, obsidian is nearly invulnerable to conventional blasts. Even the Ender Dragon couldn’t destroy it. So building structures with these blocks will protect your base from being destroyed by randomly spawning mobs like creepers.

    It takes 8.35 seconds to mine an obsidian block and that’s why most players don’t do it manually. It forms a very effective defensive block. Therefore, obsidian is often used in many bases on multiplayer servers to fight rogues.

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    Create a magic table

    Create a magic table

    An enchantment table is a block that allows players to use their experience points to enchant equipment, weapons, books, armor, and other items. This is the main method that players can use to improve their character. It takes 4 obsidian blocks to make an attractive table.

    To use this magic table, players need the spell level, meet the conditions, and lapis lazuli. When the table is opened, a menu will appear with places to place the player’s items. On the right is a list of 3 spells that players can choose from

    Spell levels can be increased by placing bookcases next to the table while separating them with an air block. As a result, you have a 5×5 square with an opening for the player to exit.

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    Create a beacon

    Create a beacon

    A beacon is a block that projects a beam of light into the sky and can give nearby players status effects such as speed, acceleration, transformation, fire resistance, or strength. To build a lighthouse, the player needs 3 obsidian blocks, a low star and 5 glass blocks.

    To activate a beacon, the player must place the beacon on top of a pyramid made of gold, iron, gems, emeralds or diamonds.

    In general, lighthouse pyramids require four layers: 3×3, 5×5, 7×7 and 9×9. Place each layer on top of the other, then place the lighthouse on top of the center of the 3×3 block.

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