Between Us: How to Increase Your Chances and Always Play Like a Cheat

How is it almost impossible for us to constantly cheat. However, you can use anything Tips to Increase Your Chances of Playing the Imposter Among Us.

Tips to increase your chances of becoming a regular cheater

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When asked which game caused the epidemic, the answer should be between us. After almost 2 years of silent release, between us Suddenly “Light Up”, became the “hottest” game on Steam when a popular streamer experienced it. It’s due to the werewolf-style gameplay, but very special.

When you play Among Us, you will be randomly selected to play one of two roles: Crewmate – Astronaut and Imposter – Imposter. Both are in the same boat. The crewmate’s mission is to troubleshoot the ship and find the killer as quickly as possible. opposite, between us The crew will silently sabotage the ship to find ways to kill the crew. You don’t know who the real cheaters are until you kick someone off the ship. However, that person can also be a real astronaut because the decision of who gets removed from the spaceship depends on the vote of everyone in the team. This creates an element of surprise and unpredictability between us.

Basically, we have 10 players in a session but only 1 cheater. So the probability of being randomly selected for this role is very low. It’s often easy to cheat at someone else’s game or yourself. But many always prefer to play the role of a hypocrite. Actually, you have a way to do it. Here is the easiest way to play cheats every time Play the game between us.

How to increase the chances of one of us being a cheater

One thing you should know is that there is no absolute way to guarantee that you will always play as a cheater when playing with us. The game is designed to maximize the player’s entertainment experience. The only way to increase your chances of getting into this role is to join a room with 3 cheaters.

Always use freeplay mode to be cheater among us

Freeplay between us

This training mode is the only place where you can choose your role. If you want to learn or practice the skills of a cheater among us, you can always go to freeplay mode, go to the search table and select the file marked in red. be_impostor.exe.

Please be patient

Leave us as cheats

Patience is a virtue and this is even more true for us. If you want to be fake, play more games and enjoy all the emotions from suspense and paranoia to being falsely accused of being an astronaut. And finally, you will soon be chosen as a cheater among us.

Don’t always use the game path between us until you have to cheat because it’s not only a waste of time, but you lose a lot of interesting things in every game.

Update at 10:36 - 11/09/2022
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