Best top skill combo to rank in free fire

Skill coordination in free fire Helps you rank faster. That’s it Tips for the best skill combinations to rank while playing Free Fire.

The skill system is one of the most important game mechanics in Free Fire, where players create a combo consisting of 1 active and 3 passive. Choosing a good skill combo will give the player an edge in the match, especially in the highly competitive battle royale mode.

Here are the best skill combinations to rank in Free Fire:

  • 0 the first

    Maro + Xayne + Hayato + Wake up Kelly

    This combo focuses mainly on dealing damage, with all 4 skills. It combines well with sniper rifles like the M82B, marksman rifles like the SVD, especially if you plan to engage in mid-range combat.

    The capabilities of the Hayato FF are well balanced

    Your character can penetrate any enemy armor or stick bombs to deal damage. Awakened Kelly, Zayn and Maro’s power-ups can be combined. Thanks to this, you can destroy sticky walls in one shot. This is probably the best combination of skills for snipers.

  • 0 2

    Alok + D-B + Joy + Hayato

    Players must win skills for free fire

    This combo is perfect for someone who likes to attack and kill. In this formation, you can do some lightning side attacks, constantly firing at enemies with a rifle or SMG. The win ability ensures that you can deal damage to multiple enemies by automatically reloading your gun.

    Overall, dB efficiency is key to this combination of lighting efficiency. His skill increases the accuracy of weapons like the MP40. So, you need to practice how to move and shoot bullets at the same time. Hayato’s ability is a new addition, giving him a bit more damage.

  • 0 3

    Homer + Shirou + Jota + Hayato

    Homer in free fire

    Homer’s ability can completely paralyze enemies for 5 seconds, preventing them from fleeing or attacking. The harness skill gives the player some resistance during encounters, while Hayato increases armor penetration. Combined with the drone effect, players can easily win.

  • 0 4

    D-Bee + Dasha + Laura + Chrono

    Free fire status

    This combo is perfect for use with high recoil SMGs or ARs. Just aim for some non-extended range. In this configuration, even weapons like the AK have accurate pin points. You can easily damage enemies while moving.

  • 0 5

    Chrono + Maro + Laura + Dasha

    Free fire hits

    This combo is based on Chrono’s increased combat power. In this skill set, you play as a sniper and only use Chrono’s skill as a last resort against enemies trying to enter your position.

    Hit ability helps the team deal a lot of damage to distant targets. Laura and Dasha give you high accuracy, even with DMR.

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Update at 3:12 - 12/08/2023
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