Best Sci-Fi Minecraft Mods to Try

Tired of traditional experiences Minecraft, you can install a mod that adds a fantasy element to the game. That’s it Sci-fi mod for minecraft Worth a try.

Minecraft lets you build anything, but science fiction has no shortage of it. However, players can change this by placing one Minecraft mods Add appropriate dummy factors.

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    Star Wars wins

    Mod Minecraft Star Wars Conquest

    Star Wars Conquest is a Minecraft mod pack based on sci-fi technology. For professionals players can play alone or join official servers (with IP). After installing this Minecraft mod you have a lot of things to do. Travel to new worlds, complete missions, craft lightsabers and build your own ships as you explore the galaxy!

    These include high-level Star Wars mods such as Legends Star Wars Mod, Parji’s Star Wars Mod, and WarpDrive. The official server provides a great place for you to explore the Star Wars universe with others. It features a full economy with over 25 Star Wars teams with custom abilities and perks, boss fights, against other players, weekly events, custom missions and more.

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    The Lost Cities

    Mod minecraft and lost cities

    Mods have changed the Minecraft business quite a bit. Instead of creating a new place, change the whole world. After installing Lost Cities, you will appear in an old city, which has been partially destroyed and replaced. It has highways, bridges, tunnels and even a subway system.

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    GalaxyCraft + more planets

    Mod minecraft galaxycraft + extra planets

    GalaxyCraft is a mod for Minecraft, which introduces 5 new areas based on the planets and satellites of the solar system, including the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Meteors, Space Stations.

    To travel to another planet, the player must build a rocket using the NASA crafting board. Each level rockets to a different planet. Of course, you need to fill it with fuel for it to work.

    Extra Planets is an add-on for the GalaxyCraft mod that adds more planets and improves other GalaxyCraft features. Each location has different gravity, oxygen air, extreme temperatures with countless unexpected challenges for players.

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    Mod blockfront

    Mod minecraft blockfront

    Blockfront is a new Minecraft mod that turns the magical world of blocks into a WWII shooter. Unlike the usual modern weapons mods, Blockfront adds guns and vehicles introduced during World War II. This unique and creative concept makes Minecraft Blockfront mod stand out from the crowd of competitors.

    Players will experience one of the most impressive conflicts in Minecraft Blockfront. Additionally, this mod supports multiplayer. You can choose a class, be on the front lines, level with an enemy or lead a team.

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    Encrypted mod minecraft_

    Encrypted_ is a Fantasy Quest mod pack for Minecraft. There are technical methods like [Mekanism/Create/Thermal]Magic mode such as s [Blood Magic/Hexerei/Mahou Tsukai/Mana and Artifice]. They are free to build a complex mechanical system. It’s great to start with an empty environment with additional goals.

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