Best fuel instead of coal in minecraft

Carbon is one of the most essential and common resources for life Minecraft. However, you still have it Alternative fuel to coal in minecraftt.

The best fuel to replace coal in minecraft

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    Lava in minecraft

    Lava is one of the best fuels for melting things and cooking food in Minecraft. You can mine underground in the Nether and Overworld biomes. Its burning effect lasts over 20,000 ticks, longer than the effect of burning coal at 4,000 ticks.

    To create a lava bucket, Minecraft players must fill it with an empty bucket. Then place the bucket under the item you want to melt. During the melting process, you can get an empty bucket full of new lava.

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    Dried seaweed blocks

    Dried kelp block in minecraft

    Dried herbs can also be used for fire and melting in Minecraft. It is one of the best fuels to replace coal. If you have a kelp farm, making dried kelp is easy.

    You can collect kelp and dry it in a stove, smoker or campfire. Place the seaweed in the proper cooking area before adding lava, coal, or any other type of fuel. A block of dried kelp can burn for 4,000 ticks.

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    fire rod

    Fire Sticks in Minecraft

    You can use fire stick to replace coal in Minecraft. A burning stick burns 2,400 ticks. To get this item, you need to kill the enemy Blaze Mob in the Nether Castle.

    Fire sticks have many uses. For example, if you want to go to Ender City, you have to do Ender Eyes. Also, Minecraft players need to craft hatching racks and potions.

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    the tree

    Trees in Minecraft

    Wood is one of the best fuels for cooking and flavoring in Minecraft. You can collect or use buckets to burn things. Although the effect is not long lasting, it is one of the easiest materials to collect.

    You can find wood blocks almost everywhere in Minecraft, from mountains, forests to swamps, deserts… you can cut down tall trees to get wood quickly.

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    Bamboo forest in minecraft

    Bamboo can be harvested in the minecraft forest. If there is no shortage of coal and other fuel, you must collect bamboo from nearby forests for smoking or cooking.

    Also, you can use bamboo to make scaffolding and sticks. Bamboo is the main food of pandas in Minecraft. So you can use it to feed pandas in Minecraft. Besides forests, loot boxes and fishing also give you this resource.

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