Best Free Fire Max Graphics Settings for Low-End Devices

A good FPS is an important factor in winning Free Fire Max. Despite the long configuration, you can install it Free Fire Max Works smoothly on low-end devices.

Free Fire Max has higher graphic quality than the original
Free Fire Max has higher graphic quality than the original

Free Fire Max It is a graphically enhanced version of the original Fire Pagoda game. However, even if you use a limited configuration device, you can install Fire Max for free. Here are suggestions Best graphics settings for Free Fire Max For low configuration machines.

Best graphics settings in Free Fire Max 2022

Customizable HUD

The HUD will be the first element that players will need to change. While the default HUD is fine, players can change it to fit the device, including the size of the buttons and their location. Also, you can use options like quick switch and quick reload in the control area. For a good headshot effect, it’s best not to make the fire button size on the right side bigger than 50%.

Best HUD Settings for Free Fire Max
Best HUD Settings for Free Fire Max


Free Fire Max has 4 graphic options, including: Smooth, Standard, Ultra and Max. In general, just reduce the maximum selection to the appropriate level.

High resolution and shadows should be disabled for maximum performance. For more natural game graphics, players can choose from many available filters such as Bright – Bright, Vivid – Bright, Ocean – Ocean. Basically, Ocean is the best free fire max filter map experience.

Best graphics settings for Free Fire Max
Best graphics settings for Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max 2022 sensitivity settings

In a shooter that requires precision like the Free Fire Max, sensitivity is key. High-end devices always load faster, but limited configuration machines do the opposite.

Here are suggestions for the best sensitivity settings for Free Fire Max to run the game smoothly on low-profile smartphones:

parameter function Low profile devices (up to 3 GB RAM) High Configuration Tool (4GB+)
to share Controls screen movement in the x and y axes. 100 90
red dot Controls how fast the scope rotates when shooting at a target. 95 90
2x Range determines 2x movement speed 70 85
4x Scope determines 4x movement speed 70 80
Sniper Determines the speed of the sniper rifle 80 90-95
with open eyes Free View determines the speed of the icon 60 50

Here are suggestions Free Fire Max Game Graphics Settings Best for low-profile smartphones. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 13:14 - 18/03/2023
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