Best free fire characters to play in ranked mode

Which character would you choose to get the best ranking in Free Fire? Let’s take a look at Best free fire characters to choose to play in ranked mode Please!

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After reviewing Garena Free Fire OB33, the character meta has changed significantly in ranked mode. If characters like Maxim were nerfed. Although Chrono is no longer on the map, new and improved characters like Steffy and Kenta are becoming increasingly popular.

If you plan to participate in ranked mode, you need to prepare a good team and you need to add the following characters to free fire.

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    DJ offers

    Free Fire DJ Offer

    DJ Alok is a name that appears on many top lists when it comes to the most loved Free Fire characters DJ Alok’s active ability Drop the Beat creates a 5m aura that increases allies’ movement speed by 10%. Also heals 5HP/s for up to 5 seconds at base level.

    With each level stop, the active power of the light also increases. This is why you need to get this free fire character first.

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    K (Captain Fall)

    K (Captain Fall)

    Ke is a jutsu master and has an active ability called Master of All. This skill gives a Free Fire player 50 EP. Also, allies within 6 meters of K’s aura can increase EP conversion rate by 500% in Jiu-jitsu mode.

    Another reason why K is one of the best free fire characters for ranked mode is because he gets 2 EP every 3 seconds. In Psycho mode, EP count can be up to 100. After switching modes, cooldown is 3 seconds.

    Also, Ka increases with energy level. This character is very useful for passive and aggressive players, especially in ranked squad battles.

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    Skyler in Free Fire

    At base level, Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm active ability in Free Fire creates a sonic wave that shatters five sticky walls within 50 meters. When placing a Gloo Wall, HP will increase by 4 points before restoring. Skyler’s ability has a 1 minute cooldown.

    Also, Skyler’s skills will improve as you go through higher levels. Riptide Rhythm also gives an advantage to players who prefer to attack in ranked mode.

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    Shiro in free fire

    Skills: Loss distribution (passive)

    If the Shirou user hits an enemy within 80m, the attacker will be marked for 6 seconds (only visible to Shirou skill users). Target enemy’s first bullet has 100% armor penetration, cooldown for 10 seconds.

    Shiro’s ability to fire gives the player important attack information. This allows them to effectively withdraw or withdraw. Also, this feature can be used twice. Bullet damage will increase significantly if the player uses a high damage weapon such as DMG.

Update at 1:39 - 11/09/2022
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