Best AR song in Garena Free Fire

The assault rifle or AR is the most useful free range gun in the OB32 update. In this article, will update you Fire Temple is the most powerful AR gun in the game Until now.

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Choosing the right weapon is very important while playing shooter games and Free Fire is no exception. However, in Free Fire weapons are continuously increased and decreased over time to create a level playing field.

Different weapon systems are one of the most interesting points of Free Fire. Players can freely choose the desired gun equipment if eligible. And the AR is the most beloved assault rifle in the game. It also has different styles. That’s it The best and most powerful AR gun in free fire 2022.

Best AR gun in free fire

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    Gun FF AK

    AK is a powerful free gun with “terrible” damage and rapid rate of fire. However, the AK is definitely not a weapon for beginners due to its recoil. How to shoot this one is quite difficult. Garena did this to balance his power.

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    The M14 in Free Fire is a powerful FF rifle for medium and long range encounters with high damage and range. The M14-Y variant has a special attachment called the Rage Core, which increases rate of fire by 25%, but decreases accuracy by 25%. Overall, this is a great weapon buff, making it powerful in all situations.

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    FF Kingfisher Song

    The Kingfisher is the latest AR gun to be added to Free Fire. It has better stats and a higher rate of fire than most similar FF guns. In addition, it has armor piercing capabilities. Kingfisher is a good choice in Battle Royale and Clash Squad mode.

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    M4A1 rifle

    M4A1 Free Fire received a significant buff to OB29. At the last level, the M4A1’s damage and rate of fire will increase by 28%, fully enabling a fierce and terrifying attack. You can buy M4 chips at vending machines around the map for 4 tokens/chip. Even if you don’t have the M4 chip, the M4A1 is a reliable free range gun with great stats and durability.

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    Groza, gun

    Groza has always been one of the strongest AR guns in Free Fire, especially recently, it has also been improved to deal high damage and is seen more often. With long range, high damage, great durability, Grozer has no weaknesses and deserves to be the best AR gun in free fire.

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    Free fire AUG

    The AUG is one of the few buffed weapons in 2021. Its stats are now top notch, with powerful movement, accuracy, damage and ammo. The AUG also comes pre-mounted on the Scope x2, allowing the player to hit the field immediately.

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Update at 21:51 - 22/08/2023
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