Best Adventure Maps for Minecraft Marketplace 2022

The map is one of the best items in the Minecraft Marketplace. The article will summarize it for you The best minecraft adventure cards on the market.

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    Safari World

    Safari World in Minecraft

    In Safari World, players become wildlife photographers. Your job is to find and document all the animals on this map. Explore the land of rare animals for yourself, look for protected species and capture the moment with your camera.

    From hyenas to dolphins, players can explore 35 animals in the jungle. Each species has a customizable sound, you can even feed them. Due to the large size of the map, the developer designed buses and monocoque vehicles to give players an easier time exploring.

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    Rocky Island Resort

    Rocky Island in Minecraft

    Want to relax without crafting or collecting items in Minecraft? Rocky Island Resort by Impulse is the perfect place.

    Players have a lot to explore in this beautiful location! Want to see the beautiful buildings scattered in the dense forest. Use a dune sled or helicopter to explore this map, find archaeological sites and study camels.

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    ancient greek

    Ancient Greece in Minecraft

    Fall Studio’s fascinating map is free and includes an educational tour of the vast Egyptian desert and learning about the age of the pharaohs.

    Explore the complex of pyramids, sphinxes and unfinished monuments, or ride a camel across the oases and fields. Each pyramid can be mined or exploded. Players can also find a lot of treasure in them.

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    The scariest map ever

    Scary minecraft map

    Scary Map A terrifying map that immerses you in battle against slime-like monsters. This is one of the scariest maps in Minecraft.

    In this map, your goal is to solve terrifying puzzles and defeat terrifying monsters while trying to escape the nightmare. You can play alone or with friends.

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    Cave of Chaos

    Chaos Cave in Minecraft

    This dungeon map takes you to a city overrun by monsters. Your mission is to save the country from them and robbers.

    However, when you enter the ancient castles, you will discover the dangerous secrets hidden in this land. This dungeon is hard to explore. It consists of 5 floors, 3 boss fights and 10 villagers to save.

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