Ark: Advanced Survival Tips for Beginners

Ark: Survival Evolved A survival game where you have to find a way to survive among a herd of carnivorous dinosaurs. Tips for playing Ark: Survival Evolved Below will get you started quickly

Game Ark: Survival Evolved -

Ark: Survival Evolved One of the toughest sports alive today. Ark World is very difficult online and offline, so it will be difficult for some new players to adapt quickly. Orcs don’t hold your hand; Instead, it drops you into the world, but gives you nothing but a loincloth and punching skills.

Tool making instructions in Ark: Survival Evolved are also limited. You can only build the oldest houses, axes and spears at the beginning. So what do you have to do to survive among the carnivorous dinosaurs in Ark Game? Let’s find out with

Ark: Advanced Survival Tips for Beginners

  • The index must be saved
  • Construction site
  • Animals should be avoided when building a base
  • Focus on unlocking Engrams
  • Build a solid foundation

The index must be saved

Character of the ark

index Describe your relationship
hungry Consume food to increase this stat.
the water Drink water to increase stats.
the castle Adjust heat and cold tolerance. The arc has a temperature regime that varies with time and sea level.
oxygen Determine how long you can survive in the water before you drown.
the turmoil Measure your fatigue. Below 50% of this index will make you sleepy.
hey Determine how much damage you can take before dying; When one of the following needs is not met, this indicator decreases.

  • hungry
  • the water
  • the castle
  • oxygen
moral Energy levels when fighting or running.
weight Being too heavy can restrict movement and make your character vulnerable to attacks.
riot damage Dispose of your attack.
walking speed Determine how fast or slow you go around the map.
craft skills Set device time.

Construction site

Build a base where the game ark

The first thing you should do after entering the Ark: Survival Evolved game is to look around. Beware of nearby animals, especially carnivores.

You want to know where to build your first base. Being surrounded by low-level herbivores like dodos, parasaurs, etc. is a great sign of safety. Also, it is ideal if the location has easy access to water. Recommend trying on or near the south coast.

Animals should be avoided when building a base

Dinosaurs must be avoided in game arc encounters

organism towards
circular Look around the water and swim from island to island.
Titanoboa It is found near swamps and caves. Its bite renders the player unconscious.
Raptor At sea, it can be seen all over the map.
Carnotaurus It can be found everywhere except in the sea area.

Currently, building a house at sea is considered the safest place in Ark: Survival Evolved, especially helping players avoid common threats in the southern part of the map. Spino is the only scary species here, but is easily recognized by its size and large fins.

Focus on unlocking Engrams

Focus on unlocking Arc engrams

Engrams are an important tool for survival, so focus on unlocking them. You can do this by upgrading and using Engram points. Here are some important engrams to unlock first:

  • Campfire – Campfire
  • Storage Box – Storage box
  • Bow – Bow and arrow
  • Narcotics – Anesthesia
  • Sleeping bag – Sleeping bag
  • Mortar and Pestle – Mortar and Pestle
  • Stone ax – small axe
  • clothing

Build a solid foundation

Shelter of the Ark in the game

After building the first base, be sure to put a simple bed inside as a recovery point in case something goes wrong. Also, we added some items and crafting items to help you survive.

The best defense in the early game is to be careful and run fast to avoid danger as much as possible. You need to create a safe place in the base to rest while the enemy lurks outside. High walls and platforms or rocky areas help avoid marine animals.

above There are a few things you should know when you first play Ark Survival Evolved. Please share with readers how your Ark game plays!

Update at 15:00 - 10/09/2022
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