AmongLock helps you create a passcode screen among us

In the middle of the lock An application that helps you continue playing between us on the lock screen. That’s it How to use AmongLock.

How to use Lockscreen in Us

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between us It is an action game in werewolf style but with many interesting creative points. After a year of silent release, it suddenly became popular among us when a famous streamer shared how to play this game on his social networks. Thanks to everyone for playing on the team, but trusting the members is very challenging.

When you play between us, you will be randomly selected to play the role of an artist and an astronaut. As the name suggests, the impostor will blend in with the crew, pretend to be on a mission to destroy the crew, and wait for the right moment to capture the ship. While repairing the ship the crew must try to find this net as soon as possible before it causes further damage. Target setting process through voting. It’s time to test the trust and unity among the players.

We have many interesting game modes with different challenges. It has also been a source of creative inspiration for many of us app developers. And AmongLock or Among Lock is one such app.

If you’ve played Among Us, you probably know Owen Quest. To complete, you need to press the keys on the digit pad in a specific pattern. This app follows your screen for this reason. the end Download under lock And install according to below instructions, your iPhone login screen is same as Reactor passcode table, you will also hear a beep when you enter the password. Specifically, this application also designed a screen to remove the cheater from the spaceship when entering the wrong password.

Screen in Us for iPhone

Between Us wallpaper for iPhone

Apart from thisCreate a passcode screen on iPhone in our styleAmongLock has many other features, such as allowing users to use a video as wallpaper, hiding the emergency call button, hiding the spacebar while scrolling, and FaceID animations.

You can download AmongLock from the developer’s repo here: Then add it to Cydia. This app works on iOS 14 and 13.

How to Add AmongLock to Cydia

  1. tomorrow Cydia and touch formula under the screen
  2. the touch input in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Copy the AmongLock repo URL and paste it into the Cydia dialog.
  4. Finally, tap Add source.
  5. Cydia will now download the full source for the AmongLock repo and refresh its data. Tap on the installed repo to see all available tweaks. If nothing shows up in the repo, go back and tap the refresh button at the top of the screen. Then the repo will show all available options. flock In the middle of the lock And touch it.
  6. Click now Install in the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. the touch be sure in the upper right corner to continue the installation. If AmongLock has any dependencies, clicking will install them on the device be sure.
  8. Done AmongLock will now start installing on the device. When the process is complete, tap Restart Springboard under the screen
  9. After rebooting your device, AmongLock will be in your device settings. You can go here and customize your iPhone screen with our style.

Note: You need to jailbreak the phone to use AmongLock, so please consider that before using.

above How to create a passcode screen like our Reactor. If you are afraid of security while jailbreaking, you can download our wallpapers to make your phone more secure.

Wallpaper between us for phone

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Update at 1:11 - 16/08/2023
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