Among Us: 10 Features That Make The Game Interesting

between us It is an interesting game with many interesting features. From the introduction between us All parameters of the game create this new type of charm of mother wolves in the game.

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between us Although it has been released for a long time, the game was not known until the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. All thanks to the interesting game of cat and mouse. If you’ve ever played Werewolves, you’re not too familiar with the game. However, the game has many interesting creative points.

When you join a game, you play one of two roles: a rogue or an astronaut These two characters have different roles and functions. The astronauts repair the ship and look for sabotage, while the villain plans to kill the crew by destroying the equipment, then secretly destroying the target. However, all characters participating in the game will be eliminated as per the judgment of who is fake. It made for an interesting course to our surprise.

10 features that make the game between us more interesting

  • 1. Voice chat
  • 2. Large lobby
  • 3. Enhanced customization
  • 4. Buddy system
  • 5. Many ways to hide
  • 6. Add the map
  • 7. Incarnation
  • 8. Trap
  • 9. Introduction
  • 10. Set the game between us

1. Voice chat

About Us Voice Chat

An interesting element of this is that players have to try to find the person who is there. Cheating players is easy with the current text-based chatbot system. Therefore, it is better if we have a voice chat function on a mic without using an external application.

2. Large lobby

Big lobby among us

Currently, we only allow 10 players in a room. This limit isn’t too bad, but it only limits 2 cheaters in a game. 3 cheaters are easily defeated in a 10 man match until someone gets the first kill.

The best way to increase players is to increase the total number to 15. This allows the stealth team to have more members, which makes the game more interesting. I hope Innersloth answers this soon.

3. Enhanced customization

Advanced customization in us

Nowadays, the ability to customize every character among us is very rich. Players have 12 color options, add a hat, choose a skin or buy an animal companion.

However, many wish we had a color adjustment bar so you could get the desired color for the character with the ability to load skins and hats made into cars.

4. Buddy system

We have a buddy system

We don’t yet have a system for finding and adding friends to play with Instead, players need to generate a room code and send it to friends so they can join the game

While less hassle, it’s obviously easier to create a room and send people out quickly. Also, the popular streamers among us should keep the room code secret to avoid unwanted guests. It seems to make more sense to give each player an ID and allow them to directly invite their friends to the lobby.

5. Many ways to hide

There are many ways to hide for the cheaters among us

Currently, the cheater among us has only one way to avoid detection of a crime and that is to jump from the nearest manhole. Not only is this a great way to escape to another room, it also allows players to hide if they don’t want to wander around.

As developers add more ways to keep cheaters from crowding out, it will become harder to detect fakes. The game will be more interesting and challenging for everyone.

6. Add the map

Between us.  Game map

One of the most requested about this game. We currently have 3 maps: The Skeld, Polus and Mira HQ. While they all bring a unique experience to the player, they can get stale over time if there aren’t some changes or improvements.

The developer has announced that they will add a new US map in a future update.

7. Incarnation

Transvestites among us

Probably not, but imagine if fraudsters had the ability to impersonate the lobby, what would happen? As long as there is an appropriate limitation, such as the number of devices per game at a time, the players among us can create fun and entertaining situations.

8. Trap

The loss is ours

Another factor that many players hope will be with us soon is the use of traps instead of damaging traps as they are now.

This may be a limited feature for use in any game, but it provides a unique game mechanic when a cheater sets a trap in a room. So if one falls into the trap of error, one will die without seeing the author. From there, it will definitely be more difficult to track down the culprit.

9. Introduction

More roles will be played by us

The fans among us wish there were more roles to balance the game and allow them to make more different plays each turn. The developer considered the role of an astronaut with the powers of Sheriff. They may discover someone’s identity or have tools to help find the killer.

In addition, there are different types of rogue astronauts with different methods of deception, even a neutral role that wants to “kill”.

10. Set the game between us

Between us.  Game presets

It would be nice if players could pre-set some game modes so they don’t have to mess with their settings every time they enter the lobby.

Above are the 10 features our players are looking for the most. I hope the developer adds them to the game soon between us In the next update

Update at 4:26 - 10/09/2022
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