Alpine Maps in Free Fire: Release Date, Locations and More

free fire Finally the title reveals a new map Alpine To revive the old game and take it to the next level. Here’s what you need to know Alpine Free Fire Map.

Free Fire is coming soon to the Alpine map
Free Fire is coming soon to the Alpine map

Alpine map in Garena Free Fire

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Free Fire Alpine Map Release Date

Apparently, this map will be part of the Free Fire – New Season New Year event on December 29th, 2021. Alpine is the 5th map added to the game along with Bermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari and Bermuda Remastered. Also, the Alpine Resurrection event begins on December 25.

Players will be able to test this new map on the website as soon as it is released. According to the leaked information, Alpine will be a very interesting map.

Alpine location on fire free map

Alpine is the way to explore Garena’s biodiverse mountain region, close to snow-capped mountains and forests. It was designed based on the Alps, a mountain region in Central Europe. Semi-natural forests and grasslands are found on the lower slopes, but with increasing altitude and decreasing temperatures, there are fewer trees and more snow.

Helipad on Alpine Free Fire map
Helipad on Alpine Free Fire map

Overall, this is a unique special free fire map, never seen in other battle royale games. Alpine is similar to Vikendi in PUBG, but without so much snow.

Free Fire Alpine Map Details

Even the Alps and Purgatory are located at higher altitudes. The old map focused more on random settlements and equipment while the latest FF map is more about exploration. Apart from the loss of tourism on the island, carousels and snowshoeing are the only two related activities. In terms of design, Alpine resembles Bermuda with the same river that bisects the southern part of the map.

Windmills and solar cells on Free Fire's Alpine map
Windmills and solar cells on Free Fire’s Alpine map

Free Fire Alpine brings many new features such as trains, helicopters, wind generators, breakable fences, decorative vehicles, new structures, textures and special buildings.

Alpine has 6 population centers or towns, including:

  • The Militia is a military complex found on all islands in the Temple of Fire game. Located right in the middle of the Alpine map, this can be the hottest drop zone for any player.
  • The Northwest Passage is the only area covered in snow. You can see many Chinese style buildings here.
  • The next big area on the map is the railroad. There are many trains, but there is currently no information if they will be available to players.
  • The stadium is the stadium in the south of the map. You can see the basketball court here.
  • Forest Red is home to giant red trees.
  • The dock is a large area with 2 large warehouses full of pickups.

Update at 11:32 - 11/09/2022
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