All secrets of Nico’s NextBots

Nico’s NextBots It has many secrets that most players don’t know. That’s it Nico NextBots game secrets Maybe you haven’t discovered it yet.

Nico’s Nextbots on Roblox It quickly gained attention after a short period of time and is now a game loved by many players. The gameplay of Nico’s Nextbots is simple. It revolves around one goal – saving yourself from eviction. However, the game has a lot more interesting things than just NextBot and Switch.

Nico’s NextBots There are switches, vents, an elevator in the backroom, football in the parking lot, a game of tag near the bathroom… but first you have to save from Nextbot in the subclub.

The Secret of Nico’s NextBots

  • Nextbot in the subclub
  • Football field in the parking lot
  • tag game
  • ventilation holes
  • Bathroom ventilation holes
  • Food map
  • Elevator in back room

Nextbot in the subclub

Nico's Nextbot subclub

Although the subclub may seem like an innocuous restaurant, some Nextbots may enjoy dining there.

As soon as you enter the subclub, you will see some watermelon boxes. At this point, it’s easy to be tempted to look around, but that’s not a good idea. Nextbot pops up here all the time, so you can watch now.

Football field in the parking lot

Play soccer when you get tired of running around the building! You can find a ball in one of the parking lots.

You can move the ball and play it safe without immediately running for your life.

tag game

Nico's Nextbot is a tag game

Nico’s Nextbots Roblox has another playground for those who don’t like soccer.

You can play a tag game – the tagging game is placed on the side wall of the bathroom. You’ll never have a dull day with Nextbox Roblox!

ventilation holes

Ventilation holes in Nico's NextBot

Apart from new players, many old players don’t know this secret hidden in Nico’s NextBots Roblox.

The whole building has a lot of air, but did you know that it is possible to run to save them?

Yes, you can run through the air to escape the NextBot’s pursuit. However, the Nextbots can pass through them as well, so be careful when moving.

Bathroom ventilation holes

You can use bathroom ventilation holes to protect yourself. The fan can be replaced in a safe place in the bathroom. This allows you to restrict the entry of Nextbots into the air through other openings.

Food map

Have you ever been to the grocery store and wondered if you’ve seen this anywhere? You may be right.

The NextBots Roblox feed map is inspired and copied from G Mods.

Elevator in back room

Many new players don’t know the elevator that takes them to the next room. There are many elevators on different floors, but they are only decorations. To find the elevator that actually leads to the back room, go to the lower level of the parking lot.

You can use the elevator to get to the back room. However, there are no safe houses in this area.

Nico’s NextBots is a great Roblox game and the secrets make it even better. Do you know all the above secrets?

Update at 12:18 - 10/09/2022
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