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How to play Goose Goose Duck It is compared to our updated version, better and more interesting when you play, you need to know the meaning Goose Goose Duck Introduction.

Duck game Goose Goose plays a very interesting role
Duck game Goose Goose plays a very interesting role

goose goose duck An exciting multiplayer action game. It is considered a creative mix between werewolves and us. On the playground goose goose duck, you and other gangs have to work together to complete the mission. So unity is very important in this game. On the other hand, while doing the tasks, you also have to watch out for suspicious people or other strange birds. They can enter your team and do everything to prevent you from winning.

Goose Highlights:

  • Two lounges: private and public
  • In-game voice chat and private lobby chat options.
  • Lots of beauty accessories for characters like hats, shirts, pets…
  • Manufacturing accessories.
  • 5+ different maps and game modes.
  • 30+ supporting roles.

the rest of us, goose goose duck It puts you in the role of goose and duck. Two clones of this character line, specializing in sabotage. But each character plays a different role. Let’s find out with Goose Goose Duck Introduction Please!

Goose Goose Duck character introduction

Basic introduction

  • the duck – Basically, the player is like a cheater to us. If you are chosen to play this role, you must silently kill all the geese to emerge victorious.
  • swan – This character is like our astronaut. All players in the role of the duck must work together to identify and eliminate the duck and complete all missions to win.

A special role

  • Killer Duck – If you correctly guess someone’s role in the meeting, you will destroy them. Otherwise, if you make a mistake, you will die.
  • Goose is the guardian of the bird – Can see through walls, but has limited vision.
  • canadian goose – If someone kills you, he will automatically announce that he saw your body.
  • Cannibal duck (also man-eater) – You can hide a corpse once per game.
  • detective goose – You can see if a player has been killed once per game.
  • the dodo – If you have negative votes, you win, then try to act suspiciously.
  • the hawk – Always automatically skip polls. You win by being the last one alive and lose by destroying the duck if you survive or if the goose completes all missions.
  • goose sauce – The bonus will increase when you complete the mission. Otherwise, your killer will get that money.
  • Lover’s goose/duck – If you and your lover are the last man standing, you both win.
  • mechanical goose – Air vents can be used.
  • medium goose – Ghosts appear anytime.
  • Goose imitation – Ducks see geese as their own kind.
  • Morphing duck – The duck is disguised as other characters.
  • dove – Spread the disease between each player before winning the match.
  • professional duck – You can’t report dead bodies, geese can’t see you killing people. This duck will automatically report the incident when it comes near the dead body.
  • Sheriff Goose – You can kill anyone, but if you kill a goose, you die.
  • Silencer Duck – You can mute other players in meetings.
  • Snoop Goose (Sneaky Goose) – Can hide in any corner.
  • Spy Duck (Spy Duck) – If you are the only vote to disqualify someone at a meeting, you know your role.
  • Technician Goose – It is almost possible to identify fakes.
  • alert goose – Can kill a player without consequence.
  • vulture (vulture) – Your only goal is to eat a dead goose carcass.
  • Adventure Goose – You cannot die in this environment.
  • Avenger Goose – If you witness the killing of another goose, you can temporarily kill the killer.
  • Guardian goose – You are assigned to protect other players. If you stand between them and the killer, you will die and be rewarded.
  • Celebrity Goose – Warn your teammates if you get killed.
  • Duck Destroyer – Get bombs to trap other players.
  • Dodos Duel – If another dodo is killed in the game, you win if you “vote” to remove it. If you have other dodos alive, you can kill them to complete the quest.
  • Hitman ducks – Gives you a reward after each kill.
  • Call the identity thief – If you kill someone, they make you up to the meeting.
  • goose lock – Prison doors can be opened at any time.
  • Mortuary Goose – Investigate corpses to find out their roles.
  • ninja duck – You can kill 2 people at relatively close range.
  • Festive duck – Give the player a voice in the meeting.

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