A Beginner’s Guide to Life Change

return to life A unique fashion game with clear graphics in every detail. That’s it Life changing guide for beginners.

A game that changes lives

Apart from fashion, return to life It also simulates real life with many real events. Players will never tire of the amazing gaming experience.

return to life It allows players to customize their character as per their wish. You can live a rich life with romantic or dramatic love. You will get a chance to design your favorite clothes, wear the most fashionable clothes and much more.

How to play Life Makeover

  • Character customization in Life Makeover
  • Buy a home with a life makeover
  • Full main mode
  • The essence of Life Makeover
  • How to have the best life changing fashion

Character customization in Life Makeover

When you first enter the Life Makeover game, you can customize the character by choosing facial and body details. The game has several prototypes available for players to customize.

After choosing a beautiful face, the player can change the style of eyebrows, face, face, hairstyle and many other features.

Life Makeover allows players to change their body such as height, fat or thin…

After making the necessary changes, don’t forget to dive into the game. Give your character a name before proceeding, then press Confirm to enter a colorful virtual world

Character customization in Life Makeover

Buy a home with a life makeover

When the character is adapted, the player can buy a house. Life Makeover has many luxurious locations for players to choose from. The first available location is Palm Island.

But first there is no need to buy a luxury house as it costs quite a lot. Therefore, the game allows players to choose a house model that suits their budget.

After purchasing a house, players cannot immediately proceed until they complete one of the 11 stages of the story mode. As you progress and upgrade the game, you can buy more spacious apartments.

Buy a home with a life makeover

Full main mode

When they return to the main screen, players will see the Shining Journey icon and after entering it, they will see Story Quest, Endorsement Queen and Mind Travel. Apart from Story Quest, the other two options are now closed. They are unlocked after completing certain sections of story quests

Find the story

To start each part of the story quest mode, the player must spend a certain amount of energy (one of the game’s currency). As the name suggests, quests are story based. Players only need to touch the screen to pass dialogues or scenes.

Completing each stage of this category will give players various rewards like gold, clothes, shoes and many other fashion items.

Since Life Makeover is more about fashion, the player has to design the character in a mission-based style to dress up the character, record and upload a video. Once uploaded, players will get likes and if they reach a perfect score, they will get more valuable rewards.

The essence of Life Makeover


On the main screen, players can see an outfit with clothes and shoes to change the character. Here are all the fashion items the player has collected in the game. Players can choose the fabric and color of each part.

to take pictures

After unlocking and purchasing a new outfit for the character, players can take photos and show their work to friends. The character can change position while shooting. Life Makeover allows players to set that photo as their phone wallpaper.

letter box

Mailboxes may contain many free items. When you log in to Life Makeover, don’t forget to check your inbox where you will get valuable rewards like diamonds, invitations…

Chapter pack

While completing multiple stages in each chapter, the player has a choice of Chapter Packs. This is where players can earn free rewards for completing certain steps as part of the Life Makeover.

How to have the best life changing fashion

In Life Makeover, players can summon different levels of fashion stars through banners. The player must first visit the lightchess to find the flag that can be used to summon.

The player needs a special ticket to call that card. One ticket can be broken and 10 tickets can be redeemed 10 times each time. Players can use 118 gems to buy tickets if there is a shortage of tickets.

Here are the basic things to know first Play Life Makeover for beginners. Let’s get together How to play Life Makeover.

Update at 16:48 - 03/10/2022
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