9 Steps to Making a DIY Mini White Paper World Skin

Skins Mini World This is one of the most loved features when you play this magic land survival game. You already know How to make mini skins in the world Not yet? If not, we at Download.vn will find out!

Download skin mini world drawing

Today’s open world survival games are extremely varied and rich Minecraft isn’t the only option. You have many better options with more interesting graphics, the highlight is Mini Block Art World.

If you are new to Mini World, you will find that the game has a lot in common with Minecraft. A custom world building game from Blocky Graphics. But now the number of players is increasing as mini block art world is not liked only for this.

Mini World Block Art Editor is very active in updating the game including improving image quality. In terms of graphics, Mini World is superior to Minecraft. You will see that the character has a very nice shape and can change clothes and accessories. These are called mini skins of the earth.

Not only does it provide skin samples, the game also allows players to design clothing of their choice. Here are detailed instructions Mini World Block Art Skin Design and load the game.

Skins Mini World

you can Download Mini World Skin Design Draw the skin on white paper found on the internet or in manuals.

  • Mini World: Block Art
  • Mini World: Block Art for Android
  • Mini World: Block Art for iOS

Here are 9 steps to make a DIY mini skin world on white paper

Step 1: Draw a frame

Draw a table 14×14 cm on white paper with squares of 1 cm sides.


  • Use a pencil to draw a straight line (it’s easy to erase if the drawing is wrong).
  • Use the square ruler to draw pictures and vertical lines.
  • Deviations in size or an angle that is too large will affect the results.

Draw a square on white paper

Step 2: Draw the Frame

Draw a rectangular square with height 2 cm and width 6.5 cm as shown in the image below (note the corresponding position).

Draw a rectangular box

Step 3: Draw the head frame

Draw a rectangle 9 cm long and 2.5 cm wide as shown below.

Draw the head frame for the mini world skin

Step 4: Draw the lower frame of the body

Draw 2 adjacent rectangles 6 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.

Draw the frame of the character's body in the mini world

Step 5: Draw the skin frame

Draw two 3 cm squares below the 2 rectangles in the previous step (note the symmetry of the bottom edges).

Mini World Frame Painting in Skin Frame

Step 6: Erase the frame line on the skin

Remove excess lines on the body area. This section is for drawing skins. Note: Do not remove the small rectangle outside the frame.

Remove skin frame lines in mini world

Step 7: Design your own skin

Color the area of ​​the frame, compare with the original drawing paper, you will know the location of the colored area accordingly.

Design mini skins of the world

Step 8: Fill in the outline with black

Before taking a picture, you need to darken the outer squares with a black ink pen like below. We fill the same color and square.

Fill the earth's mini skin border with black color

Step 9: Take a picture

Open Mini Star Runway in Mini World: Block Art. Place the entire image in the camera frame with a black border. see more:: Instructions for using Mini Star Runway in Mini World.

Take a photo to import skins into Mini World

Import your skin into the mini game world

Done! Simple, easy, right? This way, you are free to create beautiful skins for your favorite Mini World characters. I hope the article is useful and good luck to you!

Update at 21:37 - 10/09/2022
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