5 Best Vehicle Destruction Weapons in GTA Online 2022

Dealing with enemy vehicles is a common thing in GTA games. They will often run their Nightshark or Tormentor MK2 and try to ruin your plans. Destroying enemy vehicles on foot in GTA Online can be a challenge if you don’t have the following five weapons.

Top 5 Weapons of Car Destruction in GTA Online

Heavy MKII sniper rifle

This gun can kill almost any enemy in one shot, destroy helicopters, cars and more. In general, the MKII can deal more damage and fire faster than a standard sniper rifle. It can be upgraded to MK2 for an additional 200k.

Heavy MKII sniper rifle

Players can use explosive projectiles to increase firepower against unarmored vehicles and take out human targets. It is effective against various aircraft and light armored vehicles. This weapon is perfect for dealing with enemies with the Tyrant MK2. It is also effective at taking out normal knights when equipped with full metal jacket armor.

Combat MG Mk II

Rifle damage (up from 45 to 47), the Combat MG Mk II is a slight improvement over the regular Combat MG at the same rate of fire. This makes it a powerful weapon against enemies and even against unarmored vehicles. The default magazine has a capacity of 100 rounds, which can be expanded to 200 rounds per box.

MG Mk II Combat Rifle

The best. For the Combat MG MkIII you need to install full metal jacket bullets, which will improve vehicle damage and allow the bullet to penetrate the window without breaking. Even unarmored vehicles and aircraft are easily burnt and destroyed by the continuous fire of these weapons.

Compact Grenade Launcher

This is the small gun that does the most damage in the game. It has all the power of a grenade launcher in a pistol frame. The compact grenade launcher can also be used while riding and riding a motorcycle.

Compact Grenade Launcher

The player can shoot the target while moving at an extremely high speed. However, you also have to be careful, because if you are too close to the blast radius, your car can be destroyed or killed.

glue bomb

Shooting isn’t the only way to kill enemies. If this is noticeable, sticky bombs are a good option. You can use it as a mine or trap. The player can hang this bomb on the enemy’s car and attack their car to create an explosion.

Keep GTA bombs

Homing Launcher

It’s the only way you can effectively deal with enemy vehicles in the first place. The user does not need to judge the timing or trajectory of the target when using this weapon – just aim at the target and lock the missile. The homing launcher has an extremely long range, can track fighter jets over long distances, can penetrate all types of missiles/rockets (including vehicle-mounted rockets).

Homing Launcher

Projectiles fired from the homing launcher can quickly and easily chase the flying P-996 laser. Missiles can destroy or disable aircraft in one hit, making them the best weapon to use against aircraft.

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